If you answer ‘No’ to any of the following questions, we do not recommend you consume your placenta after birth
Was your placenta birthed onto a clean surface?
2.     Was your placenta stored in a clean container or bag after birth?
3.     Did you chill your placenta on ice or in a fridge within 30 minutes after birth?
4.     Has your placenta remained chilled since your birth?
5.     Has it been less than 3 days since you gave birth?

If I have a medicated birth or caesarean section can I still use my placenta for encapsulation and/or other placenta remedies?
Yes, you can still use your placenta if you have a caesarean birth as long as your placenta has not been sent to pathology.  I recommend you to have a sterilized leak proof 2L container ready to store your placenta after birth.  If you are on any other type of medication during your pregnancy I will ask you to seek advice from your midwife or OB before deciding on placenta encapsulation.  

What if I am Strep-B positive or have a uterine or placental infection and need antibiotics, will I still be able to use my placenta?
Strep-B, GBS infection requires you request TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) capsules only.  It is recommended your placenta is steamed before encapsulation to ensure the bacteria from your infection is killed before dehydrating your placenta. If you have tested positive or are suspected of having a uterine or placental infection, it is not advise to consume your placenta.

 What if I give birth prematurely?
Yes., as long as your placenta is examined and cleared from any type of abnormality after birth your placenta is suitable for consumption.

I want to donate my baby's cord blood, will I still be able to have my placenta made into capsules?
Yes, you can do both.  

Are there any circumstances when it would not be possible to use the placenta for encapsulation or other placenta remedies?
Yes, if your placenta has been sent to pathology  for any reason ase it may have been contaminated while in the pathology department. I also do not recommend encapsulation if your placenta has not been stored properly after birth.  

How do I store my placenta safely after birth?
After booking you will receive detailed storage instructions. Some general guidelines are that your placenta should be put into a clean, leak proof container immediately after cord cutting and transferred straight to your fridge at home.  Or stored in a cooler bag on ice and kept at below 8 degrees Celsius for no longer than 12 hours. You should arrange for your placenta to be put into a refrigerator as soon as possible after birth.

When is the best time for the cord to be cut if using my placenta for placenta encapsulation?
I highly recommend all mothers to choose delayed cord clamping for the benefit of their newborn.  Delayed cord clamping does not affect placenta encapsulation in any way.. Delayed cord clamping involves leaving the umbilical cord intact for at least 3-10 minutes after birth, longer if possible.  During this time the cord is still pumping up to 150ml of iron and stem cell rich blood to your baby which has been scientifically proven to have lifelong benefits to your baby.  

How long can I store my placenta in the fridge or freezer for before using it?
Your placenta can be safe stored in the fridge for up to 3 days and must then be transferred to a freezer. The placenta should be thawed thoroughly in the fridge for 24-36 hours before encapsulating or making any other remedy. Frozen placentas should be turned into remedies within 6 months.

As soon as I have given birth can I keep my placenta and decide to have it encapsulated later?
Yes, of course, you can store your placenta in the freezer for up to 6 months and still benefit from remedies.

What is the difference between RAW and TCM placenta capsules?
The choice between RAW and TCM preparations is one of personal preference really. Feedback from mums is directly comparable, so you end up with very potent capsules, no matter what choice you make. On a practical level, the RAW preparation tends to yield an additional 10-15% capsules. Just go with whichever preparation you’re most drawn to.

 Which is better, consuming the placenta raw or encapsulating?
Both! We recommend mothers to consume some of their raw placenta after birth in a smoothie to support the body in immediate repair and then consuming the rest of their placenta in capsules.  The many potent stem cells and growth factors found in the raw placenta may be the key reason so many of our clients report almost immediate reduced blood loss and increased energy within minutes after enjoy a raw placenta smoothie.  A raw placenta smoothie only requires a small amount of raw placenta and the rest of the placenta can easily be made into simple dried or TCM capsules for ongoing benefits from the placenta.

 Aren’t the hormones contained in the placenta actually destroyed during the cooking process used when preparing TCM capsules?
To some extent the heat process when preparing TCM capsules may affect the stem cells, hormones and B vitamins but to what degree is unknown.  Minerals such as iron are not damaged by heat and there may be minimal damage to other nutrients found in the placenta.  Placenta pills give a new mother the chance to benefit from her placenta for months after birth and have shown to have incredible benefits to energy levels and breast milk supply.  There is currently no scientific evidence to suggest the placenta pills are or are not beneficial.  Placenta Remedy Specialists rely on personal experiences, anecdotal evidence and testimonials from new mothers who reveal placenta encapsulation was the key to their speedy recovery following birth.  Moreover, many people chose to eat organic meat to avoid added hormones and other artificial growth factors that are injected into livestock by non-organic farmers to produce more meat in a shorter space of time.  If artificial hormones that are injected into livestock are still present in cooked non-organic steaks on the dinner table, then hormones surely survive the cooking process and can have an effect on our body.

 What other ingredients are in the placenta capsules and are they suitable for me as I’m a vegetarian?
Placenta capsules contain 100% placenta – nothing else.  When preparing Traditional Chinese Medicine capsules, the placenta is steamed with lemon (for grounding), ginger (for circulation) and chilli (for heat) which are added to the water below when steaming but are not added to the capsules

 How big are the capsules and how long will they last?
Placenta capsules will last indefinitely if stored properly.

 How many capsules will my placenta make?
Placentas come in all different sizes, however you can expect between 90-300 capsules depending on the type of method you choose.  A full term placenta will yield an average of 140 capsules for the RAW method.

 How long should I take my placenta capsules for?
You can take your placenta capsules for as long as you feel you need them.

 Can my family members take my placenta capsules too?
I do not recommend anyone consumes placenta capsules other than the mother who made the placenta. 

I have some capsules left over and I’m pregnant again, can I take my left-over capsules while pregnant?
No, I advise  mothers not to take placenta capsules while pregnant.