Safety - Yours and Mine


Your placenta is in safe hands from birth through to encapsulation and delivery back to you.  As a mum myself I know you will have lots of questions, I am here to help at all stages of encapsulation.


Placenta Pick-Up

After booking I will personally call you to talk you through the process of pick up, encapsulation and delivery.  You will also receive detailed information about correct handling and storage of your placenta.

My Training

I am a fully accredited Encapsulation specialist. I completed my training from the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) in 2016 which includes additional qualifications in blood borne pathogen prevention as well as safe food handling practices. .


Your health and safety, as well as my own is my number one concern.  I use stainless steel, glass and food grade plastic that can be fully sanitised. Hospital grade wipes  are used on all surfaces. After sanitisation is complete, everything is thoroughly rinsed to remove any bleach residue.

Only One Placenta

 I process one placenta at a time.